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Key ideas moulded into clear words – faster, smarter and more elegantly

We speak tech

Unlike many idea developers, business strategists and writers we’re right at home in the worlds of technology and engineering. And we’re dead good at deciphering and explaining techie stuff, and putting it into contexts that make practical sense for your chosen target group.

We know which techie details are appropriate when, and we’re experts at highlighting the business benefits so potential customers appreciate the full value of complex technology set-ups and what they enable you to provide.


Strategy is the heart of your business

Any strategy measure is only as good as the way it’s explained. The ideas and intentions behind any business need to be crystal-clear and convincing.

We’re experts in putting across strategic thinking with maximum clarity, with both clout and credibility – jargon-free and purged of insider-speak. And if necessary, we tweak, improve and suggest until everything’s spot on.

We’ve got a solid track record of corporate strategy and reprofiling work at international level, and you benefit from our constructively critical approach and an eagle eye familiar with world-class standards.

The visual world, in words

Describing the visual, intangible, subjective world of design in “mere” words isn’t ever easy.

Imaginatively crafted, mould-breaking words can lift design-driven ideas, companies and products to new levels. And a distinctive tone and style can do even more to make a design idea both marketable and memorable.

We mould intelligent, jargon-free wording that makes a big impression in the world of design. We alter customers’ perceptions of the quality and value of your ideas and your products, and help you, your company and your products get noticed in a visually cluttered world.


Innovation is an approach

The success of new ideas often depends on how clearly and attractively they get explained. Innovative approaches are unlikely to score full value if they’re still packaged in familiar clichés.

But innovation doesn’t have to involve revolutionary stuff. We can often bring in a fresh take on what you already do and a sharper explanation of your value proposition.

We specialise in helping alter perceptions about design-focused businesses and products. And in rethinking familiar constellations and repositioning what you already do.

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