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Our credentials

The traditional litmus test

Naturally, you want to know how we stack up, and whether we’ve got the experience and insight to tackle your particular needs.

Well, we’ve notched up many years of experience providing ideas, concepts, campaigns and words for B2B customers ranging from the biggest industrial companies to small high-tech start-ups.

We’re based in Denmark, so it’s no surprise that the majority of our customers are based here. Familiar long-term direct customers include Alfa Laval, Johnson Controls, LOGSTOR, Maersk Group, Systematic, Grundfos, Danfoss, Marel Food Systems, SOS International, Gram Commercial, DELTA and Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

We also have customers in Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A matter of discretion

We’ve also done lots of work for other big-league customers via ad/PR agencies, but professional discretion dictates these remain confidential.

And we’re doing increasing amounts of behind–the–scenes development work, where discretion – again – is vital.


Combining chemistry and know-how

Perhaps the best hint we’re doing something right is that many of our customers have been with us for a long time – some for over a decade.

We’re not after the bright lights. We’re happy working under the radar, with discerning companies that see the value of crystal-clear strategy, agile development and outstanding communication.

And that appreciate writers who know their subject.

Copyright and trademarks

Don’t act dishonourably

Basically, we want to be sure noone plagiarises our material by passing it off as their own and not giving us appropriate credit. This means you must not violate our copyright by lifting our work and putting it to other uses.

If you do make acceptable use of words or information from this website, we expect you to make it clear you have sourced it from

Copyright in Denmark

Word Design’s work is also specifically protected by Danish copyright legislation. Basically, this lays down that digital material cannot be copied or published in any way without the author’s (or translator’s) permission, or appropriate payment.

For further details (in Danish), please consult


The more formal version

It’s OK for you to download, view, copy and print documents and graphics incorporated on this website, subject to the following:

  • You can only use such material for personal, informational, non-commercial purposes.

  • You cannot modify or alter the material in any way. Except as expressly explained above, we cannot allow you to use, download, upload, copy, print, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, post, transmit or distribute any information from this website in whole or in part without the prior written permission of Word Design ApS.

  • All rights, title and interest not expressly granted are reserved.

Full contact info

We’ve tried to summarise all the factual information about Word Design that anyone might need. Get in touch if you’d like to know anything else.

Address, etc.

Word Design ApS
Rishøjvej 2
DK-5672 Broby
T +45 70 20 60 23

VAT registration

VAT (CVR) no. 24 23 09 61
Company established 1990



Schrøder Økonomi/Lotte Schrøder Jeppesen
T +45 21 48 34 35



Jutlander Bank, Gjerlev afdeling
Hammergårdsvej 1
DK-8983 Gjerlev
T +45 86 47 45 00

Bank registration no. 9363
Bank account no. 3970074308
IBAN code DK5193633970074308
Swift code SHOBDK21



Brandt Revision & Rådgivning/Arne Nabe Poulsen
T +45 87 40 60 00

Terms and conditions

Honourable intentions

Word Design’s business philosophy is based on the honourable, responsible interaction of intelligent adults. We don’t subscribe to the blame game.

It is the “nature of the beast” that we don’t have full information about our customers’ business operations and technologies. We do the best we can in all circumstances, but final responsibility lies with the customer in all cases.


Terms of delivery

Word Design cannot be held responsible for any error or inaccuracy that may occur as a result of any exceptional circumstances or of complying with any request to meet an urgent deadline, and any contravention of Word Design’s normal procedures that this might incur.


Terminology and checking

Word Design cannot be held liable for any error or inaccuracy that may stem from incorrect technical terminology in material provided by customers. Word Design expects each customer to take responsibility for the details relating to the goods and services provided by that company.

All material is provided for checking by the customer’s experts, and we expect each customer to make use of this opportunity. If this isn’t done, we cannot be held liable for any error, inaccuracy or misinterpretation.


Privacy policy

The current generation of this website doesn’t involve users submitting any information. As a result, we feel we don’t need to waffle on about privacy issues. No red tape and no fine print are fine by us.

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